Hey friends!

I’m Heather Bradley, owner of Garment Boutique. I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with my husband, four children, and goldendoodle. Life is never boring around here and, if I’m being honest, most days I struggle to figure out how to balance everyday life as a wife, mother, friend, volunteer, entrepreneur, etc., etc. Nevertheless, I’m so thankful for God’s incredible grace and the support of my amazing friends and family.

Launching this boutique has been my dream for longer than I can remember. What you wear doesn’t just signal something about you to others, I believe it can have a profound impact on how you feel about yourself. It’s my mission, through Garment Boutique, to introduce you to a daring and rewarding place outside your comfort zone.

Most of us can relate to feelings of insecurity and have fallen trap to the comparison game at some point or another. A quick scroll through Instagram confirms everyone else has it together #killingit #blessed. Meanwhile, it’s Wednesday afternoon and I haven’t washed my hair, changed out of my sweatpants or ventured out past the mailbox since Sunday morning (no? just me?).

Anyway, that feeling is the reason I started Garment Boutique. I want to equip and empower women from all walks of life to feel better about themselves and find the conviction and vulnerability to stop blending in. Whether you’re a young professional, a stay-at-home mom, or a new grandma who refuses to feel “old,” I believe you’ll find something that ignites your passions and brings more color, confidence and freedom to your wardrobe. You’ll also find a genuine community of like-minded woman who are over the comparison game and are here to cheer each other on in a spirit of fun and exploration.